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I love to create individual projects, which are mainly related with nature and her wonderful energy. Forest is my temple, there I relax, often here come new ideas.

  Photography to me is discovering, experiencing and seeing more around us.   Is a good development field, it really does have the ability to create the change.

 The way I approach creating photo projects stems from my parallel career in training departments and coaching experience.  I am currently working by using therapeutic photography techniques.

   Photography has amazing influence on our life. Activates positive change, improves relationships, brings attention to details, produces other kinds of photo-based healing, learning and gives us many, many more.

   I find my inspiration in people who just appear on my life path, everyone I had the pleasure to live, work, and create with.

Education and experience:

Postgraduate degree in Academy of business coaches, master degree in Pedagogical University of the Polish Association for education, specialization: rehabilitation pedagogy.

Technique degree – School of creative advertising photography & graphics “Positive”.

Cooperating with enviromental conservation organisations, schools, therapeutic rooms, care homes, social enterprises and foundations.


The bouquet of life”, Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust Pop Up Gallery, Scotland

2016 –  “The bouquet of life”, Ardenlee Care Home, Dunoon, Scotland

2014 – “Ozora colors”, Public Library, Zory, Poland

2014 –  The Demo event, Club Baobab, Tychy, Poland,

2011 –  Goa Dupa Arts & Music Festival, Bedkowice, Poland

2011 – “Importaz”, Club Skup Kultury, Tychy, Poland


2013 –  Goa Dupa Arts & Music Festival, Bedkowice, Poland

2012 –  Goa Dupa Arts & Music Festival, Bedkowice, Poland