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Getting lost in Bangkok.

I always wanted to get lost in Bangkok. Be careful what you wish for,  you may receive it 😉

The feeling of being in such a huge city, somewhere very far away from homeland gives even more excitement.

fot.furahelena_street_photography_bangkok-1617 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1621 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1631 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1645 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1650 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1656 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1661 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1664 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1672 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1674 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1685 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1691 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1693 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1702 fot.furahelena_bodega_bangkok-1705



My first moments at Bodega Hostel in Bangkok.

I touched down in Bangkok after an 8000km long journey that departed over 20 hours prior from Poland. Despite the fact I was exhausted from the flight I was overcome with joy which gave me a sense of boundless energy.

With my backpack behind me and camera gear stowed closely by the side, I boarded a train for another half an hour towards my destination at the Bodega Hostel.

Not one to rush through life’s moments, I opted to take the scenic route. Walking through alleys, backways and markets stalls all whilst being illuminated by the city lights finding myself immersed deeply in the Bangkok nightlife. This all intrigued me…..

My only contact with the Bodega Hostel was via email and wasn’t sure of what to expect.

If the directions I managed to scrawl onto a piece paper from one of the locals was correct ..I should be fairly close to my goal. I looked around and then heard voices in the distance. I walked closer and could hear the sounds of youthful banter. From afar, I saw people from around the world mingling together and vibing of each other. Knowing I I was about to be a part of this magic I was witnessing brought a smile to my face. 

I heard my name being yelled with a chant and a cheer, I was welcomed by Tate himself to the famous Bodega Hostel.

Tate is an amazing host and manages the day to day operations, bar crawls and general upkeep of the place. He provided me with a lot of support and valuable advice during my visit.

I knew it would be great to stay a few days with the guys and document my trip. The adventure just began … The very next morning I started to document the life at the hostel. Below are a few photo memories.

Very warm welcome and lots of good energy with endless positive vibes– is how I can describe the first moments at Bodega.

If you wanna find this awesome place I’m sharing a link:

fot.fura_helena_bodega 1 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1546 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1546A fot.fura_helena_bodega-1554 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1569 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1571 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1577 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1579a fot.fura_helena_bodega-1585 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1599 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1600 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1601 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1607 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1801 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1809 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1823 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1831 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1875 fot.fura_helena_bodega-1878


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Glasgow_2017_January_fot (2) Glasgow_2017_January_fot (3) Glasgow_2017_January_fot (4) Glasgow_2017_January_fot (5) Glasgow_2017_January_fot (6)

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The feelings of January.

The begining … this time of the year when everything seems to sleep but it doesn’t … I want to hide sometime in a deep snow and feel warm in the same time …

fot.furahelena-2 fot.furahelena-3 fot.furahelena-4 fot.furahelena-5 fot.furahelena-6 fot.furahelena-7 fot.furahelena-8 fot.furahelena-9 fot.furahelena-10 fot.furahelena-12 fot.furahelena-13 fot.furahelena-16 fot.furahelena-17 fot.furahelena-18

caravan park dunoon winter scotland



Colorful morning.




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another green doors

Every time I walk into the woods I’m surprised how I’m changing, how the way of my thinking is changing and how much energy is given to me.

Let’s respect forest, respect magic green spaces, respect our home, let’s respect each other!forest_scotland_fura_helena fot.furahelena-12forest is my temple fot.furahelenafot.furahelena-13forest_scotland_fura_helena (3) forest_scotland_fura_helena (4) fot.furahelena-14forest_scotland_fura_helena (5) forest_scotland_fura_helena (6)fot.furahelena-11fot.furahelena-18fot.furahelena-19fot.furahelena-21fot.furahelena-24fot.furahelena-27fot.furahelena-31fot.furahelena-29



Today we gonna plant last trees in this season.

My wellies are still wet from the last expedition but I’m going of course with you …  I was pleasantly surprised when my treeplanting friends Salvi, Mike, Josh and Brady invited me out on their last day planting.  Below a few extra shots and here link to selection of the photos I captured of them on this beautiful day Happy Trees Friends.


tree planting

fot-furahelena-50fot-furahelena-13fot-furahelena-48fot-furahelena-40fot-furahelena-77fot-furahelena-78 fot-furahelena-80 fot-furahelena-89 fot-furahelena-94 fot-furahelena-103 fot-furahelena-104  fot-furahelena-22fot-furahelena-27fot-furahelena-106

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Morag’s fairy glen – Dunoon

To nie był mój pierwszy kontakt z wróżkami w Dunoon 🙂 Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (1) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (2) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (3) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (4) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (5) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (6) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (7) Morag's fairy glen_DUNOON_fot (8)